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You Get: detailed Knee Evaluation, any digital imaging (if needed), orthopedic testing, PLUS One (1) Targeted Trigger-Point Treatment Session, All for Only $47:

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Well Beings Integrative Medicine is the highest-rated & most-reviewed physical medicine practice in the greater Denver area:

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Get your EVALUTATION + Targeted Trigger Point TREATMENT Session:

Due to federal regulations this special offer does not apply to Medicare/Medicaid patients.

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Here's How Our Treatments Help

Human bone joints in legs

Got knee pain? It’s often because the soft cushion (called cartilage) in your knee wears out (degeneration). This cushion helps our knee bones move smoothly without rubbing against each other. When this cushion gets thin or damaged, the bones rub and cause pain, inflammation and further damage.

Can this worn down cushion be fixed? Most in the medical community agree that it can be reversed! Some people have reverted to pain pills, steroid injections, or even have surgery. But ‘old’ forms of treatment don’t solve the real problem, and may even make things worse.

What we offer: A special knee check-up and a trial treatment. We use natural methods that don’t involve surgery nor opioid medications. Many of our patients (see our over 420+ 5-star Google reviews) say that they have life-changing results. So, want to try it out? Schedule your special offer with us and let’s help your knees feel better!

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See you soon - let's get your knees working correctly and pain-free!


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