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Denver Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain is a common issue, affecting millions of people in the United States. Around 30% to 50% of adults will experience neck pain at some point in their lives. 

If you experience neck pain, stiffness, or loss of motion, come to Well Beings for a discovery session to uncover the cause.

Experiencing Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a common disorder that is characterized by discomfort, stiffness or burning sensations in the neck area. It can be caused by muscle strain, poor posture, bad sleeping habits, injury or chronic conditions like arthritis and degenerative disc disease.

In some cases, neck pain may even be accompanied by headaches, dizziness and numbness in the arms or hands.

Your neck is prone to pain and injury due to its support of the 12-pound weight of your head and its wide range of motion.

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Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can show up in different ways, such as stiffness, soreness, or aching in the neck area. It might also cause headaches, shoulder pain, or trouble moving your head.

Some of the common causes of neck pain:

  • Muscle Strain: Overusing or straining the neck muscles can lead to pain. This can happen from things like bad posture, sleeping in an awkward position, or spending too much time hunched over a computer or phone.
  • Whiplash: A sudden jerking motion, like in a car accident, can cause the neck to whip back and forth. This can injure the muscles and ligaments, leading to neck pain.
  • Degenerative disc disease: As we age, the cushiony discs between our neck bones can wear down. This can cause pain, stiffness and loss of motion in the neck.
  • Herniated disc: Sometimes, a disc in the neck can push out of its normal spot and press on nearby nerves. This can cause pain, numbness, or weakness in the neck, shoulders, or arms.
  • Arthritis: Neck pain can be caused by arthritis, which is when the joints in the neck become inflamed and worn down over time. This can lead to stiffness, swelling, and discomfort in the neck area.
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  • Pinched nerve: When a nerve in the neck gets compressed or squeezed, it can cause pain. This might happen due to things like a herniated disc, bone spurs, or arthritis.
  • Poor posture: This is a narrowing of the spinal column that puts pressure on nerves.
  • Sleeping habits: Using a pillow that doesn’t properly support your neck, or sleeping in an awkward position (such as stomach sleeping), can cause neck pain.
  • Muscle spasms: Stress and tension can manifest in the neck muscles and lead to muscle spasms, causing pain and discomfort.

If you’re experiencing neck pain, it’s important to see a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. At Well Beings, we can help you find relief from neck pain and get you back into action.

What are the Neck Pain Treatment Options?

Treatment options for neck pain vary depending on the cause and severity of the pain.

At Well Beings, our treatment programs apply a combination of non-drug and non-surgical treatments, each providing specific benefits to our patients:

Physical Medicine: Addresses the root cause of pain through hands-on techniques and therapeutic exercises.

Heat and Ice Therapy: Provides pain relief and reduces inflammation.

Massage & Manual Therapy: Relieves muscle tension, improves circulation, and promotes relaxation.

Rehabilitation Exercises: Restores strength, flexibility, and function to the affected area.

Ultrasound: Enhances the healing process and reduces inflammation.

Laser and Red Light Therapy: Stimulates cell regeneration and reduces pain.

Trigger Point Injections: Relieves pain by targeting specific muscle knots.

Targeted Stretching: Improves flexibility and reduces muscle tightness.

Chiropractic Treatment: Corrects spinal alignment and promotes overall spinal health.

Strengthening Exercises: Stabilizes the back and prevents future injuries.

Shockwave Vibration Therapies: Accelerates the healing process and reduces pain.

Ultrasound Modalities: Enhances tissue repair and reduces inflammation.

Enriched Plasma Injections: (soft tissue and joint) Promotes healing and reduces pain in affected areas.

Regen Therapies: Stimulate joint health, strength, healing and reduces pain/inflammation.

At Well Beings Integrative Medical, our team tailors treatment methods based on your individual history and symptoms, focusing on your body’s healing potential rather than pharmaceutical solutions.

Our providers are experienced in evaluating, treating, and managing neck pain. They diagnose the root cause of your discomfort and create a personalized plan that includes a variety of these manual treatments, medical intervention, exercises, and education to prevent recurrence so you can stay active!

FAQs About Neck Pain

Our medical providers perform a detailed history and examination to discover exactly what has and is occurring with your arthritis. Special screening devices, protocols and test, including digital imaging, help the providers gain better insight into the extent of the joint damage and determine which treatment will best serve each individual patient.

Our clinic offers relief through a range of treatments, such as our Accelerated Joint Recovery Protocol, which decreases inflammation and supports & strengthens the body’s ability to restore function, while relieving pain.

It’s our mission at Well Beings to help those struggling with arthritis take back control and live better lives.

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Because every individual that comes to Well Beings Integrative Medicine is different, our Accelerated Joint Recovery Protocol is personalized for each patient.

Our team of healthcare providers have decades of experience and deploy a protocol pulling from nearly a dozen proven treatment modalities.

The aim of the Accelerated Joint Recovery Protocol is to restore function, increase the health of the tissues and joints, decreasing pain, while being back functionality.

We want to see you living an active life!

A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.
Don't Let Neck Pain Stop You in Your Tracks...

Contact Well Beings Integrative Medicine today to learn more about your neck pain, as well as see if you are a candidate for our Accelerated Joint Recovery Protocol.

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